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Learn 4 things to do to make your network work for you.

A McKinsey study found that 50% of a company’s intellectual capital is a “relational asset” and 75% of individual capital is their relationships. And leaders with the right kinds of networks are likely to be high performers. In short, a network perspective is imperative for leaders.

However many women resist networking. Ignoring networks can damage or limit your career and leadership effectiveness — and this is true for both men and women. The right relationships and ties are known to be an asset in getting access to information, earning promotions, and gaining opportunities.

If networking does not come easy, you can do the following:

- Know the common myths about networking (and check whether they are valid for you)

- Understand your network structure

- Think in terms of resources

- Develop your network by building, maintaining, leveraging, and transitioning relationships.

Check in this CCL (Creative Center for Leadership) article

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