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Why Coaching for Impact & Purpose?

I strongly believe that if each individual was able to identify and honor their life purpose, it would positively impact the life of many. Their life would be more fulfilled and it will also have a ripple effect on the life of people around them: their colleagues, family and friends. The world would then be a better place.


I recently read an article saying we touch the life of around 80 000 people in our lifetime! We all have an impact on others, sometimes unintentionally or unknowingly, just by being who we are, right from the beginning. At work, most managers and executive want to have an impact on the business (obviously), their team and their management. 

So what kind of impact do you want to have on your family, your friends, your colleagues or the world?


Your life purpose is not about a job, career or hobby. It is the reason you are on this planet. It is the thing you are meant to accomplish.

Many people today don’t believe in meaning and purpose as something to discover or pursue in life. Others do not want to take the effort and time to identify it.  As they never look for their purpose, it remains unspoken their whole lives. But it exists and is there waiting to be found and expressed.

What have you done today to honor your life purpose?

My ambition is to help my clients IMPACT the world, with PURPOSE.


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