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My Coaching Philosophy

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My ambition is to leverage my vast corporate experience and my enthusiasm for coaching to guide clients when they don’t know how to move forward with their career, life or relationships.

I am a Professional Certified Leadership and Business Coach (CPCC, PCC, Marshall Goldsmith), passionate about helping people navigate pivotal points in their life: moments when they are “stuck”, moments of questioning, stagnation or transition, because I have seen so many unfulfilled managers and executives. I personally went through many such pivotal moments in my life and have experienced how difficult and defining they can be.

My passion is to work with managers and executives to help them make headway. Sometimes it is about defining the next chapter of their career or life and sometimes it is about clarifying options, making choices and working on an action plan to unlock the situation.

I work as an Executive Coach for Torch, Clariti, DramaticDifference, BetterUp, as well as a career coach for RiseSmart.

My Coaching Style

I like direct, open and action-oriented coaching conversations: I ask a lot of questions to deepen the learning, leading to tangible actions, session after session.  I hold clients accountable for their learning journey and their actions.

I coach in English and in French (my native language).

My own experience of pivotal moments

I was trained as an engineer, but made the choice of pursuing a career as marketer; at one point I ran into entrepreneurship, I became an MBA student to complete my education after some years of corporate experience. In my personal life, I moved across continents multiple times., worked and lived in Europe, Asia and the USA.


The most recent and transformative moment in my life was when I left the corporate world after 20 years. I gave up the comfort of working in a big corporation (this includes my title and salary) and decided to leave to be a leadership and business coach. A true butterfly metamorphosis, and here I am!


Give it a try!

If you feel ready for this journey, I would be happy to help you discover how powerful and transformative coaching is, through a sample session. Don't hesitate!

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my coaching philosophy
education and corporate background

My own journey

to beCOMing a coach

Education & Corporate Background


I am a Professional Certified coach (CPCC), trained by CTI (The Coaches Training Institute, one of the first institutes of coaching and the first one to be accredited by the International Coaching Foundation or ICF) to be a Co-Active coach.  I also hold the International Coaching Federation certification and am an Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

As a coach I value continuous learning - so I decided to be certified in the Stakeholder Centered Coaching developed by the #1 executive coach in the world: Marshall Goldsmith to help my client with proven leadership development process.

I am also a certified EverythingDiSC assessor - EverythingDiSC is a personal development learning experience that measures an individual’s preferences and tendencies based on the DiSC® model. It provides valuable insights that unlock engagement and inspire effective collaboration.

I am also certified the Marshall Goldsmith Global Leadership assessment : a powerful 360 feedback tool aimed at gathering the objective feedback on the learder's "customers": his or her key stakeholders.



I have 20 years of experience in the corporate world, with positions in start-up and various multinational corporations (Luxury and FMCG). I am French at heart, but left France more than 17 years ago to live and work in diverse parts of the world (USA, Europe and Asia). While I love the diversity of large companies, I also experienced what it means to work in a local company with local people: I worked for an American company in the USA and for a Singaporean one in Singapore and of course for a French one in France!


I have managed and led diverse teams and I have worked on a number of complex and global projects where I held different functions, mainly in strategic marketing and management.


I have a Master of Science from Ecole Polytechnique (the most reputable engineering school in France) and an MBA from IMD (Institute of Management Development, Switzerland).

You can visit my LinkedIn profile for additional information:

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