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Training & Facilitation

I believe so much can be done to create a more inclusive, more effective workplace for all; the workshops I have developed in collaboration with other coaches are in line with the objective of building leadership skills to humanize the workplace and make it more efficient for all. Here are some examples:

  • Coaching skills for managers: In times where companies are competing for talent, operating in a highly turbulent market place, trying to retain their best leaders, or aiming to grow their solid players, coaching is increasingly perceived as a fundamental skill that every manager has to possess and put in practice regularly. In this informative and highly participative workshop, participants have the opportunity to discover and practice some coaching skills that they can easily apply in their job as managers.

  • Emerging leaders series: Even for the most gifted individuals, the process of becoming a leader is an arduous, albeit rewarding, journey of continuous learning and self-development. This series of workshops focuses on the challenges that new leaders are facing when they get the responsibility of managing others and help equip them with tools and techniques to live up to this new challenge.

  • Diversity and Inclusion: we are all victims and guilty of biases, the most common bias in the workplace being the “similarity bias” that might result in excluding the “others” i.e. the ones who don’t act or think like us. This theater-led workshop highlights ways in which we unconsciously exclude others and proposes a mitigation plan; it provides a common language to discuss what gets in the way of inclusion and create a fun and interactive way (real actors playing a scene) to raise awareness of serious issues.

Ariane Jaubert facilitation

I also have developed specific training for my clients in need of career coaching. In today's world, an optmized LinkedIn  profile is a must for any professional. Leveraging my past marketing experience, I have put together a participative workshop around "Build your Personal Brand on Linkedin". Participants learn how LinkedIn can help them:

 - Bring to life their Personal Brand

 - Be found by the right people thanks to optimized profile

 - Be recognized for their top skills and achievements

 - Strategically grow their network

 - Maintain relevance and interest for their profile

I am a trained facilitator and use the Accelerative Learning (AL) facilitation approach to develop my workshops.

my coaching philosophy

What PARTICIPANTS are saying

"It was a great investment of my time and I went home with a new toolkit to effectively address some key challenges of today's managers." male participant, coaching skills for managers, 40s

"I had the great chance to attend an earlier session of this highly interactive and hands-on workshop wonderfully facilitated and executed" male participant, coaching skills for managers, 40s

"Very insightful learnings from the trainers. great learning opportunity and hope to have more follow up sessions" female participant , emerging leader series, 20s

100% of participants were satisfied or very satisfied with the "Build your Personal Brand on LinkedIn" and all thought it was relevant for their job search.

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