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Do you feel you are "stuck" but want to move forward? Do you want to bring a change, small or big, but don't know how to proceed?


I am a Professional Certified Leadership and Business coach (CPCC, PCC, Marshall Goldsmith), passionate about helping people navigate pivotal points in their life: moments when they are “stuck”, moments of questioning, stagnation or transition. I leverage my 20 years of global experience in multinationals to help managers and executives make headway. Sometimes it is about defining the next chapter of their career or life and sometimes it is about clarifying options, making choices and working on an action plan to unlock the situation.

I would be happy to help you discover how powerful and transformative coaching is - contact me!

I am also a trainer and trained facilitator. I believe so much can be done to create a more inclusive, more effective workplace for all; the workshops I have developed in collaboration with other coaches are in line with the objective of building leadership skills to humanize the workplace and make it more efficient for all.

I am also a certified assessor for EverythingDiSC and Marshall Goldsmith Global leadership assessment.

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I am looking forward to working with you!

Ariane Jaubert

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What clients are saying

"Getting Ariane's support really helped me go through a rough period with important professional and personal changes. A year later, I still use my notes and some of the tools she proposed, to move forward. This coaching made it possible for me to take a step back, clarify my thoughts, while identifying and managing my emotions. And I could make the biggest decision of these past 10 years!

I was lucky to be coached by such a pleasant, smart, creative and talented person. It required commitment, some homework and I feel I still have a lot to work on." Sylvie, procurement expert, 40s

"I met Ariane early Jan this year. At that time I was looking for a coach to help me excel in my career as a financial adviser representative. I am so thankful that I engaged Ariane to be my coach. My sessions with her helped me to achieve clarity on why I am not moving forward and to gain insigth of what is important and of value to me. With her coaching, I am able to achieve my target by October despite the covid situation. Beside this, she aslo helped me to verbalise my inner knowing and I am able to integrate better. It feels like the dots of my inner knowing and external reality go linked and connected, and there is more clarity and groundedness. I am really appreciative that Ariane see me as whole and complete from the very beginning and never doubted my abilities to achived what is best for me. I you are looking for a coach to assist you, I will recommend Ariane to you." Angel, financial advisor, 40s


"Ariane helped me when I started to lose all confidence in myself. She was in Canada whereas I was in France, but even with the time lag, we had so many sessions all as helpful as the others. Thanks to her, I have all the tools and tips to find a new job that correspond to my values. I strongly recommend her if you need a coach who is understanding, skilled and trusting" Manon, audit, 20s


"Working with Ariane has helped me overcome my blind spots and initiate a deep shift. Her gentle yet energetic approach was a perfect fit for me, I was feeling both safe and challenged at the same time. The coaching adventure has completely broadened my horizons! I recommend Ariane to anyone who feels stuck in their career or in their life." Olivia, SME CEO, 40s

"Ariane is an inspiring coach to work with. She provides a safe and supportive environment, yet she can be really pushy when needed. She helped me go beyond what I had thought possible for me, always believing in me and my abilities. Her coaching is a powerful experience and I recommend it to whoever feels stuck and powerless at one point in their life. I also recommend her coaching for those who believe that they are pursuing the right strategy but not getting the right results... as a different point of view / logic personalized to our situation is what we need." Shantanu, executive, 40s

"Ariane has been coaching me for the past 6 months on both professional and personal topics, specifically helping me to further explore and define my personal mission statement. This has been a wonderful journey in which Ariane enabled me to find my answers. Ariane is a good listener, caring but also challenging and holding up a mirror at times, allowing me to see things from different perspectives." Simone, consultant, 20s

"Ariane has been a great Coach during one of the most confusing phases of my life. She is compassionate but also pushes you to go beyond the superficial level. Using the frameworks shared by her, I have always walked away with better clarity about myself & next steps. These sessions have given me clarity and confidence. It has helped me recalibrate my professional path which is more aligned to my value system. I would strongly recommend Ariane as a leadership coach to anyone who is on a journey of self-discovery." Smita, executive, 40s

“I happily recommend Ariane as a coach. Every single coaching session with her is a guided discovery trip to parts of my inner self. Down-to-earth, yet profound and embracing human nature and existence as a whole, I am convinced everybody benefits from coaching to improve one’s life.” Katia, business owner, 40s

“Ariane is a thoughtful and purpose-driven coach who uses her intuition to help her clients face whatever barriers or obstacles may stand in their way. I had the pleasure of being coached by Ariane and came away from each session feeling I had deeper clarity and understanding of myself and the situation at hand. By challenging me to think differently and presenting me with new perspectives, she helped me to see what is was I really wanted.” Amanda, business owner, 30s

"Ariane is a coach who brings a kind yet firm approach. She holds a space of possibility for me, asks great questions which get me diving deeper and unpacks the barriers, so that I can move forwards with confidence." Sarah, entrepreneur, 30s

For more recommendations, you can visit my LinkedIn profile.

what clents are saying
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